WWE 2k17 Review

03 Aug 2018 11:36

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While in the last couple of years, the WWE 2K series has less or more bucked the iterative trend of the annual sports games that it gets a number of its DNA from by making risky but ultimately worthwhile changes to its formerly arcade-style formula. In comparison, WWE 2K17 is like more of a fine-tuning year. There are some welcome gameplay tweaks and additions that keep the in-ring action in prime form, although it takes a couple of small steps forward in a few ways it has either remained stationary or slid backward in areas that have needed improvement for a while now.


The very first and most important things, above and outside the minutiae that's very easy to become caught up in using wrestling games, is whether the actual wrestling seems right. And like last year's game, 2K17 produces the goods. These Wrestling Raw Games have kept the hopes of all the gamers high and produced good results for its manufacturers. It has a weighty, deliberate feel that really offers the ability and impact of each open-hand each and every double-underhook suplex. Programmers Yukes and Visual Concepts have steadily added layers of tactical depth in the last few years that reward time, planning, and decision-making at a way that makes matches pleasure beyond the basic joy of playing as your favorite wrestler. All of that holds true this year; even more so thanks to a handful of adjustments and additions.

The single most significant improvement is always to multi-person matches, and in the past have always been an awkward mess that I usually avoided them altogether. This year, subtle changes to the default targeting system and a clever new mechanic has changed all of that for me. Manual targeting is currently the default targeting procedure, and 2K17 does a better overall function of making your existing target clear. Snappier target-switching helps too, allowing me to undo an attack from one opponent and then quickly switch targets, whip around, and wail on someone behind me without even feeling like I am mired in mud.

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